The Crunch has been Remastered!

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When you have the KEY to Abdominal training watch your core strength increase after only one session.

Learn every detail from the fundamentals to advanced levels of training.

You will learn all the progressions and secret tips to go beyond sit-ups and crunches and take on the Advanced Exercises.

The exercises are easy to do (but not easy).

No warm-up is required, no need for 100’s of repetitions just a few sets of 5 reps performed slow with focus.


If you still think you need to do endless amounts of crunches and sit-ups to tone up your belly or see your abs, you need to…


According to Men’s Health Magazine, it takes over 22,000 crunches to burn 500gms of fat! 22,000!! That’s why you’ll never get a flat, attractive belly or see your abs crunching away on the ground or using some crazy gadget. In fact, today’s trendy ab workouts make you waistline THICKER instead of smaller.

Even the world’s top lower back and ab experts, like Dr. Stuart McGill, recommend NO sit-ups or crunches because they place devastating loads on the discs in your spine.

Repetitive, loaded spinal flexion places excessive loads on the lower back and is one of the causes of herniated discs.

 This is one of the many reasons crunches and sit-ups are BAD besides wasting energy you could be using doing something that WORKS!

So STOP doing crunches and sit-ups and learn a far SUPERIOR method. The ABSolute Core way… Save your discs and flatten that belly with a method that will not only flatten your abs but also make you a hell of a lot a stronger too.

ABSolute Core WILL flatten and strengthen your core fast!


If you follow the program you will be able to perform the Dragon Flag an exercise made famous by the late Bruce Lee.

The flag requires strength in every part of your core not just the six pack area…


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