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Breast cancer study finds strong links between lifestyle choices and risk

Everything in moderation . Image: carl tribunal/ Getty Images Cancer professionals say they’re increasingly confident that at the least two lifestyle preferences can affect a woman’s probability of coming breast cancer: imbibe booze and exercising. Just one alcoholic drink each day is enough to boost breast cancer probability, according to a comprehensive brand-new report publicized Tuesday. Vigorous exercise, by compare, can decrease health risks in both pre- and postmenopausal women. SEE ALSO: Alcohol’s cancer probabilities outweigh any health benefits, consider reveals The American Institute for Cancer Research […]

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Fitness trackers out of step when measuring calories, research shows

Compared with gold-standard laboratory evaluations, scientists saw devices inadequate at moving calories burned, but good at monitoring heart rate Fitness devices can help monitor heart rate but are unreliable at stopping invoices on calories burned, experiment has revealed. Scientists gave seven buyer devices through their speeds, equating their data with gold-standard laboratory measurements. We were agreeably surprised at how well the heart rate did under many circumstances for most of the devices, we are really did really quite well, said Euan Ashley, professor of cardiovascular medication at […]

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