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What size Kettlebells should I be using?

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Kettlebells – Selecting The Right Weight What size Kettlebells should I be using? They come in many shapes and sizes but that wasn’t always the way. When kettlebells re-emerged from hiding in 2001 popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline the only weights available were 16kg, 24kg and 32kg. These were the traditional sizes used in Russia and the kettlebell was measured in ‘poods’ 1 pood was 16kg, 1.5 poods 24kg & 2 poods 32kg. The Russian way of thinking was that if you are a boy use 16kgs, a […]

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Choosing the Right Weight Lifting Equipment for You

When you decide to engage in a training program at home, it’s wise and practical to identify what is the right weight lifting equipment for you. Do not just buy anything without prior planning because buying in impulse is not really recommended.. The first thing that you need to do is to identify why you want to train. Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Or is it for improving your strength and endurance? Or just to tone your muscles? After identifying your purpose, look […]

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Weight Lifting Is a Multi Purpose Exercise

Weight lifting in addition to developing muscle mass actually assists the human body in burning fat. For every pound of muscle you have, you will burn 35-50 calories a day. This is why you may notice that those who lift weights regularly seem to eat more, their bodies are constantly burning fat and they need to replenish the calories that are necessary to feed cells. Building muscles by lifting weights will help you passively burn calories. Lifting weights is a great way to work out, increase your […]

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The Benefits of Learning Proper Weight Lifting Techniques

Weight lifting is an excellent sport to enter into seriously or have as a hobby to keep your body in top shape. Whether you choose to participate in competitive weight lifting or only do a few repetitions using light weights with your exercise program, you should learn the proper weight lifting techniques to keep your from injury. Many individuals are afraid to begin a weight lifting program simply because the tools and techniques may seem foreign. Fear notlearn the proper techniques and reap the benefits of your […]

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Weight Lifting Programs for Beginners

Weight lifting is a sport to test the strength and resistance apart this it is a method to improve the resistance and size of the muscles. A weight lifting program for beginners involve the application of various equipment to improve the targeted muscle groups. The type of equipment used are dumbbells, weighted bars, weight stacks and kettlebells although, the weight lifting is totally different from body building and weight training thus it form a vital component of any well rounded fitness routine. Weight lifting is not a […]

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The Ultimate Hard Body Exercise

The Kettlebell Front Squat: Whether your objective is obtaining muscular tissue mass, shedding body fat, constructing a practical and also solid body, or boosting sports efficiency, the fundamental squat as well as dead-lift (as well as their variants) are the utmost remedy. If you do not think me that dead-lifts as well as squats are THE basis for a effective and also lean body, after that proceed and also sign up with all the various other obese individuals pumping away mindlessly for hrs on monotonous cardio devices. […]

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